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2787Re: [PPLetterpress] ink for solids on dampened handmade paper

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  • Erik Desmyter
    Aug 5, 2004

      Do you recommend the Hostmann-Steinberg Letterpress Matte Black both for
      text and for large solids? In my 12"x16" plate there is about 60% solid
      black and there are even areas up to 4"x3" which are completely black. I
      doubt it is a good idea to print text together with such a plate at the same

      I am not a member of Fine Press Book Association but I am interested in your

      Best regards,
      Erik Desmyter
      Gent, Belgium

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      From: <Sgheaver@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 6:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [PPLetterpress] ink for solids on dampened handmade paper

      Dear Eric,

      I recommend you try the Hostmann-Steinberg Letterpress Matte Black
      the US branch developed for me for use on hand press &c. and I eventually
      turned over to N.A.Graphics for sale. My next choice would be Charbonnel
      without dryer but that it a lot of work on the plate and does not hold as
      good a
      line or stay open as long as the H-S. Are you a members of Fine Press Book
      Association? I've written too articles on the subject of ink
      which you may find helpful.

      Sincerely yours,
      Stephen Heaver
      Baltimore, Md., USA
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