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2773ink for solids on dampened handmade paper

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  • Erik Desmyter
    Aug 1, 2004
      I am experimenting with a 12"x16" Boxcar polymer plate on traditional iron
      handpresses. The polymer plate has about 60% solids and no text. I use a
      handroll, only black ink and I am printing on traditional dampened handmade
      paper. From former e-mails I learned printmakers' stone litho inks (very
      stiff, sticky inks with loads of tack) should work well for solids in such a
      combination. Names mentioned were Charbonnel, Mandlick or Carlson Woodblock
      Black. The Handschy Crayon Black BK-8035 was more recommended for text work

      I am actually looking for experiences with such inks and for ink
      specifications and suppliers.

      Best regards,
      Erik Desmyter
      Gent, Belgium
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