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2759Re: TypeCon workshop on digital type for letterpress

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jul 14 11:57 PM

      I wish that every letterpress course or workshop was essentially this, to reveal and demonstrate the value of letterpress, to show what it is capable of and what it is not. Rather than... how to damage presses, type, and other really valuable and irreplaceable material, and have a lot of fun doing it while feeling really good about yourself.

      Maybe I've seen far too many of these book arts programs to think there is any benefit? or that the direction is completely wrong and ill-considered? and the only real rationale is the institutional need for ongoing and increasing head counts? Keep it positive? I Love Letterpress tee-shirts and all that.

      I'm going to regret writing this aren't I?


      > Many thanks to those commercial letterpress printers who have emailed
      > me their info to hand out at my workshop.
      > I meant also to solicit "please don't do this..." items from you. I
      > have my own list of things to tell designers NOT to do, like
      > expecting 8pt. Bodoni to be dropped out of a large solid.
      > If you are getting the same difficult/irritating design problems
      > from designers, things that put them on your "do not call back"
      > list, describe them to me and I'll add them to the "O Noooooo!"
      > misunderstandings section of my class. I'm hoping to maximize the
      > teachable moment!
      > Thanks a lot.
      > Brian
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