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2748Use of Blackletter in Newspaper Mastheads

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jul 8, 2004
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      A while back someone asked about the why of this. I finally have something:

      For my birthday recently I was graciously given a copy of _The Penrose Annual_, Volume 54, 1960, and therein is an article, "Black Alphabet," by P M Handover that gives a very good history and rationale of this. Hope whoever it was that needs this is reading.

      I love these Penrose Annuals. In this one there is also an article on van Krimpen by Sem Hartz, Mosley's article on the Porson Greek Types (with the specimens printed in collotype, as was the practice), and this very amazing letterpress technical research report by R D W Miller on "Theory of Impression and Rolling Contact," which includes some intriguing bibliographic references. And, then there are all the great paper and type ads...