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  • Paul W. Romaine
    Jul 1, 2004
      Hello folks,

      Now that the July Fourth holiday is almost upon us in the US, I have a
      rather interesting request from someone writing an article on summer
      reading of recent books related to the history of printing, type, books,
      and all the arts of the book. Her "summer reading list" has some "heavies"
      as well as some light (weight) reading.

      What are you reading, planning to read or have already read this summer?
      And why? (And no jokes about bullies kicking sand in your face for bringing
      Richard-Gabriel Rummonds's _Printing on the Iron Handpress_ [1988] or the
      forthcoming _Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices And The Iron Handpress_ !)

      Me? I'm reading the current issue of _Parenthesis_ journal of the Fine
      Press Book Association, and some biographies of Benjamin Franklin (for the
      tercentenary). I also have a stack of old reading to get to--mostly old
      manuals. If possible, I'll pass along comments from our author.

      All best,


      Paul W. Romaine
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