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2722Inks, was Windex for cleaning printing surfaces

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 24, 2004
      I print on Vandercooks and usually work with dampened mouldmade and handmade papers. I've found printmakers' stone litho inks work well with this combination. Very stiff, sticky inks with loads of tack that function well in hand-operations. I doubt they would work well with your forthcoming Heidelberg. I like the Handschy Crayon Black for most text work. An odd ink though, as it gets older it tends to solidify from the bottom and sides of the can. A bit disturbing actually. The way it solidifies makes me suspect it to be more a polymer/rubber mix, rather than a traditional oil based printmaking ink. Consequently I will sometimes alter its viscosity with VanSon's Traditional Black without seemingly adverse effect.

      At any rate, there are a couple of relatively recent (in the scheme of things)
      letterpress inks that would probably be worth your interest. Midway Ink Corporation's Book Black No. B-17421 (distributed by Boxcar Press) and Hostmann-Steinberg's L/P Special Matte Black (distributed by NA Graphics). They don't quite work for me as well as I would have hoped but I suspect they perform much better on more automated presses.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "pj westwood" <percyff_@h...> wrote:
      > What inks do you guys use. I was in litho, gave it up, and am now
      > to the proper printing that I did many, many years ago. I have some
      > inks, an dwe used to use harsh solvents to clean thenm up. I was
      thinking of
      > using th eolf inks to start with, but are inks specifically designed
      > leterpress better and easier to clean up?
      > Getting heidelberg windmill, and resident in uUK.
      > percyff
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