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2719Re: [PPLetterpress] Windex for cleaning printing surfaces

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  • hiroshi
    Jun 20, 2004
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      We spray windex to shoot down flying mosquitos inside the house,
      especially towards resting bugs on "hard to reach" areas! A hit on the
      buzzer will knock her from her flight path straight down to the floor.
      It's much easier than trying to waack them with your hands.

      Seeing that windex is 99% water:

      When we used to use rags with a bit of water and oil mix to clean
      polymers, we were experiencing polymer degradations quite often.

      After we started to use just vegetable oil (Canola in our case), to
      lift soy & rubber based ink from the surface (and rollers), we've had
      no problems.

      We usually don't but I suppose you can wipe the residual oil with a
      clean rag.

      I believe safflower oil doesn't readily dry so perhaps this is a better
      (but this one is a little more pricier) solution. We haven't tried this

      btw, would ammonia (in Windex) act act as the delivery vehicle for
      various "nastyness" to circumvent the skin's barrier?


      On Jun 19, 2004, at 11:09 AM, Gerald Lange wrote:

      > I couple of instructional presses where I have taught use Windex to
      > clean metal printing surfaces. I guess to get away from problems of
      > health and environmental issues. Since the label on Cinch (similar to
      > Windex) contains "cleaning agents" and "soil suspension agents," which
      > I assume is essentially ammonia watered down quite a bit... I was
      > wondering how these effect photopolymer plates. Does anyone use a
      > window cleaning product for this purpose?
      > Gerald
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