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  • John Sullivan
    Jun 17, 2004
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      It took watching �My big Fat Greek Wedding� to remember the versatility
      of Windex. My first job in printing was as a screen printer. We would
      print onto adhesive backed mylar then apply these to the doors of
      trucks etc. Trapped air bubbles were a big problem. The trick I learned
      was you would spray the truck door with Windex then put on the sign and
      have about 10 minutes to roll out the air bubbles. Some how the Windex
      was absorbed into the adhesive, the signs never seemed to come off.
      Harold�s work flow with the plastic back plates is great, you can see
      through and line up on the grid, (peel up and replace) but I have
      migrated to steel backed plates and with the double sided adhesive once
      down they just didn�t pick up without getting ugly. So the Windex
      concept resurfaced. I apply the adhesive to the plate back, get my
      rough position on the base, making register marks with a super fine
      Sharpie. Now prior to peeling and applying the plate I �LIGHTLY� spray
      the base with Windex, then using a finger evenly spread the Windex over
      the entire base. It should just look damp not wet!. I then put the
      plate down, wack it with my soft hammer to seat it and proceed with my
      make ready. You have about 20 minutes of reposition time, if you need
      to pick up the plate more than twice (shame on you) you probably should
      apply more Windex. Once I have the makeready completed I let it stand
      for about 15 minutes (have some milk and a cookie) then print. I have
      only used this on my Windmill (platen) not on the cylinder, but have
      done multi-thousand runs with no plate movement. I know this because
      the last run was a blind hit in register with offset.
      I am a blended process printer, Offset and Letterpress. I will post on
      this work flow.

      John Sullivan
      Letterpress and Offset

      On Thursday, June 17, 2004, at 06:09 AM, Harold Kyle wrote:

      > On 6/16/04 9:10 PM, "Printer" <dep.letterpress@...> wrote:
      > > I'd like to hear the story of the Windex, the Boxcar Base and the
      > > Metal-Backed Plate!
      > Me too! I would love to find out how to use the metal backed plates on
      > our
      > bases. I currently tape them down at the edges when we proof plates
      > that we
      > process for other printers. While this works okay on a Vandercook, I
      > would
      > love to hear the way you mounted plates for a Windmill. I've been too
      > chicken to try this myself! Did the plate survive after the run?
      > Thanks,
      > Harold
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