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2676A trick to save time w/ registration

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  • letpresslist@bluebarnhouse.org
    Jun 2, 2004
      Hi there folks-

      This might be old hat to some of you, but I discovered it myself last
      night and had never heard of such a thing before:

      This would only work (as far as I know) with plastic backed plates,
      like the kind you get from boxcar press.
      I had a plate that was originally intended for a one color image, but
      right before I printed I decided I wanted the print to be two colors.
      First I applied the adhesive backing, but did not peel off the paper
      that would expose the adhesive that would stick to the base. I cut out
      the images and text that would be used for the second color using both
      scissors and an exacto blade (depending on whether the image/text was
      at the plate's edge or not) and left the resulting holes and cut-away
      areas intact, so that the parts of the plate that were cut away could
      be returned to their exact position.

      I printed the first color run with the original (but now swiss-cheesed)
      plate, cleaned the press, re-inked with new color, applied the removed
      bits of plate back into their original position within the
      swiss-cheesed plate (still on the base), and peeled away the
      swiss-cheesed plate. Registration was absolutely perfect.

      Of course this doesn't work on multi colored prints that have
      overlapping colors-- But it was a huge time saver. Applying the
      adhesive backing before cutting up the plate seems pretty important as
      you don't want the registration to be thrown off by slight protrusions
      of adhesive (which you could trim away, but may end up trimming a bit
      of the plate as well, which would also throw things off.)

      Take care,

      Brandon Mise
      Blue Barnhouse
      Asheville NC

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