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2675Re: Bitmaps on plates

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  • Gerald Lange
    May 29, 2004
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      For some reason this has been sitting in my to do folder, which I
      rarely look at anymore!!! Has something to do with the aging process I

      Yes, 1200 is correct for line drawings (anything less and they will
      show some bitmapping) but I would scan them in grayscale at that
      resolution, not as black/white. You have far more options to adjust
      the image in grayscale format in Photoshop. With b/w you are somewhat
      stuck with what you scanned in.

      Adobe also makes a software product called Streamline which is quite
      useful for manipulating final b/w. They haven't upgraded it for years
      but it does the job (and they still sell it). A very simple little
      program. I like it for adjusting certain kinds of images, such as


      > On a related note, I've been scanning my bitmap line drawings at 1200
      > to prep them for photopolymer plates. Is this about right, or overkill,
      > or something less than optimal? Things seem to be coming out fine, but
      > I'm always happy to learn better technique.
      > Kim Vanderheiden
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