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  • Roderick
    May 1, 2004
      Michael (et al):

      I'm printing black and burgandy for one set and black
      and goldenrod for another set. If I place black down
      first, then burgandy (goldenrod) will trapping at 1/2
      (assuming I'm registered) show all that much. Should
      the client decide how much trapping I need? I'm
      assuming not because I'm printing and not him, I need
      to decide is how much overhang is acceptable to me. Am
      I correct?

      I've printed a few two color jobs with colors in no
      particular order and never specified trapping because
      I just registered. Should I be putting down the
      lighter color first then black or vice-versa?

      Many thanks, Roderick

      --- Michael Barnes <mjbarnes@...> wrote:
      > Traps in offset printing are frequently .25 point
      > (quarter point).
      > Unless black is overprinting, a colour trapping
      > under black can be
      > considerably more (half a point) since it won't show
      > much. Nowadays we
      > trap even less -- around .125 pt -- because we are
      > imaging to direct to
      > plate, which has improved registration.
      > Of course I don't know if numbers that work in
      > offset also work for
      > letterpress. But a 2 pt trap is certainly big. Many
      > rules and text
      > characters are themselves thinner, or not much
      > broader than this, and
      > if the trap is coming in from all directions, such a
      > large number will
      > effectively result in an overprint.
      > Michael Barnes

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