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2484Re: Question on photopolymer printing.

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  • John G. Henry
    Feb 20, 2004
      I think you are just trying to lay down a very even, non-blotchy film
      of ink on a plastic substrate to use as a filter for photography. You
      may be able to do this with letterpress, but there is always
      variation in image density (particularly when printing on a plastic
      substrate) at the edges of the impression. This is one of the prime
      indicators that a ink film has been printed by letterpress or other
      relief process.

      Have you tried mixing dyes with clear varnish and coating them on the
      plastic or glass surface? You may be ablke to do it with gelatin and
      food coloring for short-term uses.

      John G. Henry
      Cedar Creek Press (and photo fiend)
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