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2479Re: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 628

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  • Kim Vanderheiden
    Feb 17, 2004
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      Yvonne already knows this, and I would imagine some others have already
      figured it out, but I've found my palette knives from my oil painting
      supplies to be indispensable when printing with photopolymer on the
      letterpress. When I first learned to use photopolymer I was told to use
      a razor blade for this job, but I found that palette knives scoop the
      plates up more easily, without potentially cutting into the Patmag,
      and without potentially cutting me. The kind with the bend in the
      handle to leave room for your knuckles when you have the "blade" flat
      to the surface works best, and you want one with a broad end, not a
      narrow or pointy tip. You still have to be a little careful. If you
      don't actually get under the plate when you're trying to scoop it up
      you can scrape it hard enough against the letters to damage a couple.
      The broad tip makes this less likely, though, and I seldom have a
      problem with it.


      > This might be a good question for the membership at large. Every
      > printer
      > has got something no one else does that they think they can't live
      > without. Me, I can no longer work without a can of compressed air at my
      > ready and, of course, my handy-dandy 4-point slip of leading. Ha!!!
      > Gerald
      > yvonne tsang wrote:
      >> Gerald,
      >> Now I'm dying to know what your other 11 most useful
      >> tools for the Vandercook are. Would you share?
      >> Yvonne
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