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2381Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: film output costs

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  • Fritz Klinke
    Jan 10 12:54 PM
      Our charge for a letter size (8x10) negative is $12. Additional is delivery,
      FedEx, etc. The cost for several pieces goes down when considering delivery
      charges. Multiple images can be put on one negative, and unless needed for some
      reason, skip crop marks if they indicate the paper size as that's not the way we
      typically locate an image in letterpress anyway--a lot of people being trained
      today for offset don't quite get that concept. Multiple images need an allowance
      for cutting area, and for steel backed plates, cuts have to be straight line and
      all the way across the plate for each cut. We get overnight service on
      negatives, and we normally make plates on an overnight basis and include a
      printed proof of the plate, not a printout of the file, as part of the service.
      Anything more than this and you need to find a new source of negatives and/or

      Fritz Klinke, NA Graphics
      1314 Greene Street, P.O. Box 467
      Silverton, Colorado 81433 USA
      970-387-0212, fax 970-387-0127

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      I use
      for film negatives. They are in Glendale (Los Angeles).

      I think I pay $16 or $18. Advantage for my clients is that EDI takes
      the files via email, accepts credit card payments, and delivers free
      to me. Usually the owners drive over and deliver them. They are a bit
      intrigued by (and respectful of) letterpress activities.


      > Greeting Polymer Plate People,
      > I have been starting to experiment with making my own plates. Recently
      > I had a negative made and the price seems out of whack. For an 8.5 x
      > 11 size negative what would the customary price be approximately? When
      > I have had plates processed by Boxcar the charge for the negatives were
      > in 10-20 dollar range. I am embarrassed to say what I just payed.
      > I live in the Bay Area and everything is more expensive here it seems.
      > Any suggestions on where to output my files?
      > Ah the weird and wonderful world of letterpress...
      > Ray King

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