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2323Re: New Times for Letterpress

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 17, 2003
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      Yeah, I kind of got that, but yes, adding impression is nothing new.
      Though today it is more for affect than technical necessity.

      Sometimes, when you look through the older stuff, you almost wish you
      had a time machine to take you back.


      > By saying that new methods must be explored the implication is that
      > are new times technically for letterpress? I can't believe there's
      too much
      > any of us are trying to do now that has not been done. Even if we're
      > talking about the last hundred years - all we're doing is adding
      > to job work (if more specialized job work). The plates and the type
      are new
      > of course, but putting them to use is not.
      > Lately I've been thinking that the old methods are what need
      > I look through old publications and I am amazed at the quality of
      the work.
      > It really makes me wonder why people bothered to switch to offset
      (of course
      > I know the reason...).
      > Elias
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