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224Re: Thursday, 11/29

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  • Gerald Lange
    Nov 29, 2001
      Dear Terry

      Might be something wrong with the way your email is configured as when
      I click on the URL to Strange Ross's website it pops right up.

      I don't recall the reference to _Digital Book Design and Publishing_
      by Douglas Holleley as posted on this list. At any rate, it can be ordered
      direct from the author at


      or from the Cary Graphic Arts Press at


      The post regarding hot stamping with photopolymer did not appear on
      this list. Was posted a bit back on Book_Arts-L by Harold Kyle. Very
      good, up to date info. Hopefully he will repost it here!

      Sorry, I don't know of any Bay area resources for used printmaking
      presses. You might try the San Francisco Bay Area Letterpress Guild at


      All best


      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., "RICHARD HORRIGAN" <PROTEANPRESS@w...>
      > Dear Ger--
      > I cannot get the page below to display. Nor have I had any luck with Cary's
      > address (I get the message "file cannot be found"); maybe it's my computer?
      > Nor can I get the info about printing hot stamping using polymer. (Same
      > message.) Were they only up temporarily and I missed it?
      > I would like a copy of both your new book (though I haven't yet contacted
      > Bieler Press) and of the one you use in your class (though I also haven't
      > requested it from anyone yet).
      > Do you know of a "local" producer of small etching presses?
      > Affectionately, Terry
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      > Sent: Friday, November 23, 2001 9:33 PM
      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Happy Thanksgiving + 1
      > > Dear Terry
      > >
      > > Here's one of the leads on P2 printmaking.
      > >
      > > http://www.psy.ku.dk/ross/
      > >
      > > Ger
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