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2216Re: [PPLetterpress] UV Light box question

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  • Ed Inman
    Nov 11, 2003
      I have begun experimenting with a UV light box I purchased for making
      photopolymer plates. It does not have a vacuum but I have been putting a
      lot of extra foam padding under the plate glass to keep the pressure tight.

      So far I have had some very good results, however I was surprised that any
      exposure over about 30 seconds tends to over-expose the JET brand steel
      backed plate.

      Is this consistent with what others have found using UV lights? What sort
      of exporure times do you use?

      I have also heard that some people use a type of translucent white sheet
      between the glass and the negative to filter the UV source. This I was told
      slows the exposure time and provides more even exposure to the plate. Do
      others of you here do that? Can you tell me what this material is, where to
      get it, and what sort of exposure times you use with it?

      ty in advance,
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