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2214Re: [PPLetterpress] LetterPress well... not on Letterpress

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  • E Roustom
    Nov 11, 2003
      > letterpress printing and I was wondering if
      > it was feasable to do it on an etching press
      Not impossible. Wood blocks and lino cuts are often done on an etching
      presses. Polymer plates would work the same way - so go to a good library
      and look that up. The edge of the plate will print/impress the sheet, like
      it does an etching, so you'll have to consider that in your designs - if you
      don't want a plate mark then the plate will have to be bigger than the
      sheet, and that could get expensive.
      There are plates with very low relief, and I imagine these would be the
      best to work with. The impression you will get on the etching press will be
      the depth of the plate's relief - so the low plate will be the most
      resonable. Getting these low plates inked without inking the steel (and I
      recommend you work with steel backed plates) as well as the surface of the
      type will be tricky. William Blake used to ink some of his relief plates by
      first inking a flat solid plate, and then pressing the relief plate into it.
      I could see attempting this - but keep in mind Blake was a rare genius, and
      talking about his methods is much easier than copying them - or building
      into the plate some inking rails, and using a very hard brayer.
      As for type, I would think you'd have to build (have machined) a chase
      with type high rails, for inking and impression control, and then learn how
      to register to it. Then you'd have to find a way to replace the felts with
      something that would come close to packing. I couldn't imagine a slower way
      to print, and I'm not sure how easy or even possible makeready would be.
      You won't come close to the product of a letterpress, but you'll get some
      good results and you will have fun.

      > I'm very excited about the
      > prospect of experimentation
      That's just what you'll have to do.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

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