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2153Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Soy based solvents and rollers?

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  • Fritz Klinke
    Nov 3, 2003
      Elias is referring to his Heidelberg rollers which are Vinylith, a new (to us)
      roller that we now list in our catalog. I've tried them on my Miehle Vertical
      with amazing results--I did an almost full chase of 8 pt Linotype and the second
      impression was so well and evenly inked, that I ran the job without further

      The solvent we tested is called Ink Zapper, and it can be used straight or
      reduced with water. I tested on all sorts of things, including photopolymer
      plates, and found it did quite a good job, but was discouraged by the roller
      maker's findings that the stuff caused roller swelling. But then most solvents
      do, if left on the roller. These are called green solvents, and this particular
      one is non-flammable, low VOC emissions, low pressure and high loading capacity.
      It does have an astringent quality to it like ammonia which affects the mucus
      membranes, which I found to be a little unpleasant. It is not inexpensive,
      costing as much or more than regular offset roller wash. There is a trade off
      somewhere between health concerns and cost and convenience.

      The soybean derived component provides the solvency required for cleaning
      performance, and the corn derived component, ethyl lactate, which is a lactate
      ester solvent--and has been used for years to formulate products including
      shampoos, inks, food flavorings, wart removers, bug sprays, and household
      cleaners. Yumm!

      I know Elias is quite sensitive to solvents that adversely affect his skin, so I
      respect his findings. He is also a very particular printer, and his techniques
      and the end results are among the very best printing I have seen coming out of
      the current generation of letterpress folks. His advice and recommendations on
      photopolymer plate making have always been right on, and when we have a problem,
      I call Elias, no one else.


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      > We didn't pursue this particular product because two roller makers we
      > use say it caused rollers to swell when they tested samples.


      Which products? Same effect on all rubber rollers?
      Have they tried Genie Safe & Easy? (I buy my rollers from you...)
      I've seen swelling if a drop is left on one of Little Giant rollers (these
      were with the press, I don't know their make), but if I wipe all the rollers
      down (water or solvent) after cleaning, there's no swelling.
      The windmill rollers I've been getting from you are not at all bothered
      by the G S&E. They're a year old now, running almost evey other day, still
      print as good as day 1.


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