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2151Re: Soy based solvents and rollers?

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  • E Roustom
    Nov 3, 2003
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      > We didn't pursue this particular product because two roller makers we
      > use say it caused rollers to swell when they tested samples.


      Which products? Same effect on all rubber rollers?
      Have they tried Genie Safe & Easy? (I buy my rollers from you...)
      I've seen swelling if a drop is left on one of Little Giant rollers (these
      were with the press, I don't know their make), but if I wipe all the rollers
      down (water or solvent) after cleaning, there's no swelling.
      The windmill rollers I've been getting from you are not at all bothered
      by the G S&E. They're a year old now, running almost evey other day, still
      print as good as day 1.

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