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2150Re: reporting back: vinager and water on polymer plates

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  • Gerald Lange
    Nov 2, 2003

      Don't know about the hydration. I buy IPA 99 (99% Pure Isopropyl
      Alcohol) made by Hurst Graphics, distributed in LA by KellyPaper,
      among others. I only use it for post-printing purposes though. Don't
      actually use it for cleaning plates. KellyPaper also sells Alcohol
      Substitute (ingredients: 100% water) for about $10 a gallon. :-)

      At any rate, if the alcohol is in a solvent can, I suspect it will not
      draw as much water as your chem class might have indicated.

      Your nice local letterpress man is correct about the two different
      kinds of photopolymer. Most sheet photopolymer (as used in letterpress
      purposes) is water-washout. But more and more, even flexographic sheet
      photopolymer is water-washout. I can process flexographic plates
      (water-washout) in my processor simply by increasing the bath
      temperature and using water from a soft water conditioner. More of a
      market there than there is for letterpress!!! Liguid photopolymer
      and/or solvent-washout photopolymer are slowly becoming a thing of the


      > gerald, thanks again for an in depth response,
      > now, as for the printer's alcohol, the little that i remember (it
      means "really little")
      > from a chem class from years back, alcohol won't stay 1% water as
      soon as it's
      > exposed to moisture??? ie, is there a special way to keep it away
      from moisture while
      > maintaining the convenience and ease of its application? or would it
      make no
      > noticeable difference with respect to the polymers (with a greater
      concentration of
      > water in the solution)?
      > one nice local letterpress man has told us recently in his elaborate
      multi hour lectures
      > that there are two types of photo polymer plates, one that is washed
      by water and the
      > other by alcohol. i've always knew of the water version. is alcohol
      version still
      > susceptible to degradation by water like the water washed ones?
      > thanks,
      > hiroshi
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