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2015Re: [PPLetterpress] Building up roller tracks

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  • Carole Aldrich
    Oct 10, 2003
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      Thanks for all the good advice. I have lots of options to explore. For
      those who suggested that the rollers might be a problem, this is a
      totally refurbished press with new rollers. If rollers can have defects
      in manufacturing, that suggests that I need to contact the person who
      sold me the press, since it was purchased with new rollers.

      The one thing that occurred to me was that somehow something is getting
      on the plate that resists the ink. When I re-ink, I carefully remove
      the chase and place it to the side until I feel that the ink is evenly
      distributed on the ink disk and rollers. I then replace the chase and
      pull a proof on a make-ready sheet, When the blotchy light areas
      appear, I have just continued to pull proofs, which seems to make the
      problem be less severe, and have also tried wiping the plate with a dry
      rag ( assuming if something is interfering with ink transfer, I will
      wipe it away without introducing anything new to the mix). The whole
      process seems infused with serendipity, since I was printing fine
      copies until I re-nked. Then these blotchy areas would appear, and it
      takes some fiddling to make them go away.

      As I said, these are new rubber rollers. I have printed 150 sets of
      wedding invitations (Invite, Reply Card, Envelope, Reply envelope) and
      a run of 150 change of address cards. I have followed what I was taught
      for cleaning rollers, which is to wipe down the inking disk and keep
      running the rollers over it and wiping until it runs clean. I was
      cautioned not to wipe the rollers directly as it shortens their life,
      although I have taken a few swipes at them at the tail end of the
      cleaning process.

      All of the suggestions for the adjustable trucks etc, are certainly
      useful assuming adjustable trucks are available for the C&P Pilot
      Press. (Franz Klinke-are you listening, I assume you would be the
      authority on this.)

      I do understand that a Vandercook Press might solve all of my problems,
      but space is limited and when I did research into presses, I had read
      that the C&P Pilot was a "fine press" capable of quality printing. So,
      given that, my goal is to coax this "fine printing" out of this machine.

      I have gotten some very nice prints, but the consistency in a run seems
      to be the problem. Perhaps it is just more experience that I need. But
      any guidance is well appreciated. You can frequently get excellent
      results by throwing more money at things, but, in my mind, the trick is
      to get excellent results using expertise and modest hardware.
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