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20RE: [PPLetterpress] Colour separations/printing

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  • Joel Benson
    Aug 20 11:01 AM
      Hi Paul,
      I used to print 4-color process separations on a Heidelberg windmill,
      and they have a wonderful quality, though I would say that the output
      from the press does not exactly match what comes from a proofer. Ink
      gain and the difficulties of keeping the colors in proportion when you
      lay them down one at a time make the output more of an interpretation of
      the image than an exact reproduction.

      My dad, a cabinetmaker, refers to this as "the subtle variation of the
      hand-crafted object," but that concept doesn't always fly with the print
      broker accustomed to working with large-scale offset printing. If you
      are doing job work for a designer or broker you will need to "manage
      their expectations."

      The ink gain issue makes it difficult to print areas of the screen where
      the dots are very fine, or where they begin to break up, as in
      highlights or areas of high contrast. This can look like holes in the
      image, and can look very clunky.

      Of course, accurate registration is key in printing color screens, so a
      windmill or some other super-precise press is essential. Oil based ink
      used sparingly seems to work best, for some reason. Paper should be
      very even thickness or commercially made. If you try to print a fine
      screen on a lofty paper like Rives de Lin you have to deboss the print
      area before hand to smooth it out, or the unevenness of the surface will
      show up in the image.

      It sounds like you have some great tools. With a little experimenting
      you could do some great stuff. Have fun!

      Joel Benson
      Dependable Letterpress
      San Francisco

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      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Colour separations/printing

      Hello everyone

      This was initially sent to Gerald, who suggested that I resubmit it to
      the list (see below).

      I should mention that the DuPont Digital Cromalin proofer supports 4 and
      6 colour separations as well as accurate spot colours.



      > I'd be very interested to see what/how PP works with colour
      > separations. Now that we have a Digital Cromalin proofer, we can
      > output any number of
      > separations and spot colours and have them match exactly the Pantone
      > reference points. (We also have access to a Tango drum scanner).
      > In theory, if one could find decent
      > Pantone inks (?) and actually register the plates, then the
      > output should equal exactly what comes out of the proofer.

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