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1996Re: [PPLetterpress] Courses in photopolymer (was Dampening paper)

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  • Jsf73@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for the tips on where to look for instruction on polymer printing. I
      am taking a typesetting and letterpress course Oct. 25th, but the woman holding
      the course has never used polymer plates. I guess it wont hurt for me to
      learn the traditional methods anyway...

      I would go a fair distance for something I cannot learn anywhere else, but
      Pasadena is a little too far to include this year. My wife is already furious I
      have spent so much on courses this year.

      Maybe I can try Harold at Boxcar press? My letterpress course is in Kingston
      Ontario where my folks live, and Syracuse NY is not that far from there
      either.... Of course Harold sounds too busy to offer a course too...

      Well these things usually work out and someone fairly local may offer some
      help for a reasonable fee or barter. I have been lucky with that so far
      exchanging lessons in different areas to learn more in areas I dont know.

      Thanks for your help Gerald, it is appreciated very much.

      John furr

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