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1980Re: Dampening paper

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 30, 2003

      Welcome to the list.

      No, I don't use an atomizer. Bit too much paper to deal with and I
      wouldn't be able to control the process as well as if I use the good
      old SpongeBobSquarePants technique. Actually I use natural sponges but
      couldn't resist. An atomizer also would not allow for consistency in
      the look of the type. Especially for text work. Far too much variation
      inherent in that technique. Yeah, the differences here are probably
      due to a mechanical technique verses a purely hand technique.

      Are you on the wood engraver's yahoo site as well? Or the baren site?
      I like those sites, lots of discussion about process.



      > also suspect you are properly dampening your paper with atomizer and
      > it carefully. Damp not wet, the paper should just be soft and not
      sodden. This
      > makes a big difference.

      > As for freezing dampened paper, if you are using water based
      pigments you
      > have no problem freezing the paper and returning to printing as time
      allows. Even
      > the embossing remains intact after freezing and thawing.

      > As for actual type, I have only recently gotten interested in
      printing type
      > to add to some of my woodcut and engraving works and have almost no
      > with it yet. That is why I joined this forum.
      > John Furr
      > Toronto
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