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1977Re: Dampening paper

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 30, 2003
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      There was some fairly intensive discussion on this topic a while back
      here. You might want to check the Messages archives to get the full

      I use the technique described by Lewis Allen in his book Printing With
      the Handpress (mentioned by Robin) along with William Everson's
      statements on paper as the theory to guide me. The Allen book is
      available on the used book market. A search at abe.com will pick up a
      dozen or so.

      Another useful technique is proffered by Gabriel Rummonds in his
      Printing on the Iron Handpress. This is still in print and available
      from Oak Knoll Books.

      Both these descriptions are quite thorough and useful. And both these
      titles are extremely important printing manuals and very much worth having.


      > I just read your post, Gerald, about Arches 88 and it triggered my
      > curiosity about dampening methods. I will soon be working with some
      > paper that will require dampening and I'd love to know more from those
      > with experience which way(s) is(are) favored by all of you to dampen
      > such paper. :o) Please accept my thanks in advance...
      > Suzie
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