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1906Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: UV light

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  • E Roustom
    Sep 6, 2003
      > The only advantage I can see for the expensive exposure/washout machines is
      > for doing quite large plates, which may take too long to wash out by hand with
      > a manageable size brush. I've done 7 x 9 and a few larger, though, on
      > occasion, mostly around 4 x 6 no problems.
      > Best wishes to all, Tom

      The enthusiasm and ingenuity is aplauded, but the understatement calls for a
      correction: The advatantage of "the expensive exposure/washout machines" is
      being able to make plate after plate in a predictable and reliable manner
      with the least amount of effort in the least amount of time, wasting less
      material in the process. If you print for profit (ha ha) there's no

      If you print occasionally though, the big machines are overkill.

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