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1784Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: New Thread (PPL)

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jul 26, 2003

      My reference is "papal legate, Cardinal Nicholas of Cues." Don't know,
      off hand, if they are one and the same, or for that matter if the
      English spelling is correct here. But yes, there is apparent
      documentation of a letter or proclamation of some sort. Any attempt to
      force connection specifically to B42 is speculative, of course, but the
      referral does precede the great book. It may not have come out of the
      blue, so to speak, as evidence of earlier printed materials, in
      connection with the Church, are out there. Indulgences, etc., that have
      been associated with Gutenberg and his various partners.


      >>Not necessarily the why. There was, I believe, considerable incentive.
      >>Nicolas of Cues, a contemporary papal authority, was an advocate
      >>(pre-printing) for a mechanical method to replace the problem of
      >>corruption of text that was inherent in the copying process. Most of
      >>the copies of B42 were sold to the Church, and from what I understand,
      >>presold. The connection is thought to be Cues. Bit of an interesting
      >>creation of the idea of credit. Quite an amazing production in many,
      >>many ways.
      > Is there a typo here? Isn't this Nicolas of Cusa, the important
      > philologist? I didn't realize that he was credited (even putatively) with
      > the B42.
      > Paul
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