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1783Re: New Thread (PPL)

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  • Paul W. Romaine
    Jul 26, 2003
      > If you are not a printer making multiple copies, you'd be a
      > > That's the why of the invention of the process surely!
      > > Graham Moss
      >Not necessarily the why. There was, I believe, considerable incentive.
      >Nicolas of Cues, a contemporary papal authority, was an advocate
      >(pre-printing) for a mechanical method to replace the problem of
      >corruption of text that was inherent in the copying process. Most of
      >the copies of B42 were sold to the Church, and from what I understand,
      >presold. The connection is thought to be Cues. Bit of an interesting
      >creation of the idea of credit. Quite an amazing production in many,
      >many ways.


      Is there a typo here? Isn't this Nicolas of Cusa, the important
      philologist? I didn't realize that he was credited (even putatively) with
      the B42.


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