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1716Jim Rimmer in DA

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  • Paul W. Romaine
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Given the recent discussion of metal type among PPL'ers, I thought some of
      you might be interested in the current issue of _DA (The Devil's Artisan),
      A Journal of the Printing Arts_ no. 52, dedicated to Jim Rimmer. A table of

      Jim Rimmer: Canada's Unique Type Craftsman
      by William Rueter

      The Cutting of Cartier in Metal
      by Jim Rimmer [This might be a reprint.]

      A Jim Rimmer Checklist
      by Don McLeod

      The Recent History of a History: Some New Steps towards Digitizing Canadian
      Graphic Design
      by Brian Donnelly

      Report (Ink Paper Lead, Board Leather Thread: An Exhibition
      of Hand-printed Books and Fine Bindings ...)
      by Judy Donnelly

      Illustrations include Juliana OS, Nephi Medieval, Fellowship, Amethyst
      Book, Credo Regular, Duensing Titling, and Hannibal OS (intended for an
      edition of _The Adventures of Tom Sawyer_).

      More information is online here:


      Paul W. Romaine