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1570Re: [PPLetterpress] newbie

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  • Carole Aldrich
    Jun 1, 2003
      Hi Michael

      I am a graphic designer who goes back to Rapidograph pens, rubber
      cement and purchasing type from a Type House for megadollars. I now
      work on a Mac and don't long for the old days except for the fact
      that there are too many "designers" out there who think that graphic
      design is about making fancy pictures and forget about the
      communication aspect and the craft of typography. I purchased my
      Pilot Press at the urging of my husband (who always wanted a small
      press) and shortly after,when I discovered photopolymer, was
      overjoyed, since I have scant room to house trays of type and all the
      accoutrements. I also have almost every font know to man on my
      computer and have become addicted to the kerning finesse achievable
      on a computer.

      Welcome and have fun.
      Carole M Aldrich
      Voice 909.625.7722
      Fax 909.625.9822

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