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  • michael babcock | interrobang
    Jun 1, 2003
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      hi list,

      i've signed up thanks to Gerald's gentle prod. blame him if i get under
      anyone's skin. i promise to bite my tongue regarding controversial issues.
      eh.. no i don't.

      since this is officially "polymer plate letterpress" i'll assume a list
      demographic which is computer proficient and perhaps even of a creative
      nature which might mean Apple users. (can i get a shout out from my peops on
      the list?)

      that being the assumption:

      for those who missed the post a while back to the .unb LETpress list, i've
      published an iCal of printer's dates.

      > You can subscribe to my calendar at:
      > webcal://icalx.com/public/interrobang/Printing32Holidays.ics
      > To learn more about iCal or to download a copy, go to
      > http://www.apple.com/ical

      please feel free to email me about dates for consideration which have been
      missed as i simply based this on the 2003 Shooting Star Press "Printer's
      Calendar" with a couple additions of my own.

      looking forward to some 'higher bandwidth' discourse on letterpress (as time

      best in Pb/Sn/Sb,
      m | interrobang
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