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15Colour separations/printing

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  • Dr P.B. Watry
    Aug 20, 2001
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      Hello everyone

      This was initially sent to Gerald, who suggested that I resubmit it to
      the list (see below).

      I should mention that the DuPont Digital Cromalin proofer supports 4 and
      6 colour separations as well as accurate spot colours.



      > I'd be very interested to see what/how PP works with colour
      > separations. Now that we have a Digital Cromalin proofer, we can
      > output any number of
      > separations and spot colours and have them match exactly the Pantone
      > reference points. (We also have access to a Tango drum scanner).
      > In theory, if one could find decent
      > Pantone inks (?) and actually register the plates, then the letterpress
      > output should equal exactly what comes out of the proofer.
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