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1464Re: Expert fonts for idiots?

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  • funquie
    May 2, 2003
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      That's the problem with expert fonts. So many bits of type, and only
      so few ASCII codes to spread them around under. And since most people
      these days don't like "old style" numerals, it's almost mandatory for
      typehouses to include both sorts of numbers (lining and old-style).

      I have Expert sets for Poetica, Garamond, and Caslon. In all these
      sets, there are lining and old-style figures. And to get the old-style
      figs, I must apply a different font to the numbers.

      It's a pain, but no more of a pain than hand-setting type in two or
      three different styles (bold, ital, roman, old-style, etc.)

      We (typographers and designers) have gotten VERY lazy since the advent
      of computers, and when a minor glitch like this comes around, it seems
      like a MAJOR deal. In the days of lead type, if your font had lining
      figures and you wanted old style, you'd have to order them from a
      foundry, IF they were available, then sit back and wait for a few
      weeks while they shipped, most likely via train...

      --Richard Creighton
      "Dreamer Press"
      Martinsburg WV
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