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1461Re: [PPLetterpress] Real press has been converted

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  • Charles Jones
    May 2, 2003
      On 5/1/03 4:38 PM, "The Indian Hill Press" <mail@...> wrote:

      > By all means grab the Heidelberg cylinder. We use ours almost daily,
      > and with ever more admiration for the fantastic engineering.
      > One warning, however. These machines are built like the Pyramids. Our
      > KSBA weighs in at about 6,600 pounds - and ours is the baby of the
      > family. It takes a real pro to move a Heidelberg - forget the
      > crowbars and pipe rollers!
      > Dan Waters
      > Indian Hill Press
      This press has been converted for die-cutting and embossing. It was built
      in 1950 and came from Buckingham Palace according to the auction house's
      information. Is it costly and or difficult to convert it back to
      I appreciate anything you folks can tell me. Cheers, Charlie
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