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  • Bruce Kennett Studio
    May 1, 2003
      >I guess my take on it is this: all these things are tools in our toolbox.
      >The more tools we have, the more choices we have so that we can satisfy both
      >aesthetic and practical considerations. I frankly prefer to stay open to all
      >possibilities and the various quirks of each process because I think the
      >subtle differences in each process increase the potential for powerful

      this seems spot-on to me!

      i am a photographer as well as book designer, and a few years ago i
      helped to create a book for kodak's professional photography division
      in germany. it was at a time when a lot of professional shooters were
      growing very anxious about converting to digital. the thrust of the
      book was that they should not fully embrace digital, nor should they
      hold back in pure analogue. instead, they should think of it as a
      system of *hybrid* imaging, where they drew from the strengths of
      each area and tried to minimize as best they could the inherent
      shortcomings of each. (for example, an image on a sheet of 4x5 color
      transparency film can hold a HUGE amount of data, and have fantastic
      tonal smoothness, and it takes up a whole lot less room than a hard
      drive; but it's also very tender and fragile, and it remains as a
      physical object. by contrast, a digital file of the same image can be
      sent electronically, manipulated in a wild number of ways, and
      combined with other images, etc. but it may be lacking in subtlety
      and tonal smoothness.)

      that said, each year brings digital that much closer to analogue in
      photography, and in music reproduction.

      i agree wholeheartedly with katie here: i feel most comfortable with
      the notion that there *is* no absolute best way, it varies so much
      from job to job -- driven by content, budget, schedule, available
      machinery, intended readers, etc. and i'm more interested in good
      printing and effective and beautiful design than i am in *real*
      printing (whatever that is . . .)


      (i just signed up for this list so i'll be a new name for everyone,b
      ut at some point i'll explain a bit about my interests)

      Bruce Kennett Studio
      1234 West Side Road
      North Conway NH 03860
      Phone 603-447-2338
      Fax 603-447-5510
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