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1436Re: [PPLetterpress] Real Printing

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  • Mike Gastin
    May 1, 2003
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      I read that same article and thought the guy was a dope. But, I thought more
      about it ...

      He was originally an ad agency guy and left the biz to start his little
      press. I think he makes a big noise about real vs. plastic in an effort to
      impress his ad community friends who supply him with work. I think he is
      providing a kind of snob appeal to impress (no pun intended!) his
      customers - the agencies.

      I do not agree with his attitude about polymer. I think the question was
      asked in a previous post - what did some folk thing of Gutenberg and his
      mechanical type verses the "beauty" of hand lettering?

      I think polymer is an awesome tool to allow a printer accomplish something
      that is unreasonable with the supply of metal type these days. Progress ....


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      Beware of someone who claims they can define what is, or is not, real. There
      was an article about a letterpress printer in a recent issue of Print. The
      featured printer was taking this holier than thou attitude about
      letterpress...claiming his work wasn¹t ³plastic². He may not have been using
      polymer, but he sure in the hell was pretentious. His claims that his
      printing was ³real² was about as fake as it gets...

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