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  • The Indian Hill Press
    May 1, 2003
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      I must put in my two cents here and correct a misimpression that
      seems to be spreading. Charles wrote:

      >If you haven't bought it cheap, robbed it or inherited it, type is
      >worth it's weight in gold now.
      >Polymerplate gives you all the type you need.

      While it's true that rare, sought-after typefaces in foundry type can
      be hard to find and expensive, there is a vast wasteland of perfectly
      functional or near-functional Linotypes and Ludlows going begging.
      With one of these machines, and a modest library of matrices, you
      could spend the rest of your life printing from virgin metal type and
      be happy as a pig in mud.

      Yes, Linotypes and Ludlows (and ALL casters) imposed mechanical
      restrictions on type design that computers have since transcended.
      However, both Ludlow and Linotype hired the best typographers of
      their time to design faces that worked well with their machines. It's
      a joy to make and print from type as they originally conceived it.
      Even when these typefaces are digitized, they rarely survive intact.
      Lost are many wonderful swashes, ligatures and tied characters.

      Having said that, let me add that I print from polymer every day and
      wouldn't give it up for the world.

      Dan Waters
      Indian Hill Press
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