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143[PPLetterpress] Matte vs. smooth plates

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  • Harold Kyle
    Oct 2, 2001
      I was talking with a rep today about the difference between smooth
      and matte polymer plates. He said that the matte plates don't need as
      much ink to transfer their image. Printers who used fine halftone
      screens, especially with vignettes or other light tones, preferred to
      use matte plates because they experience less ink gain. He also
      mentioned that if your negative doesn't have a matte surface that the
      matte plate helps the contact in the vacuum.

      Thought I would share this information. I've gotten good results on
      both types of plates, and will try some tests when I make plates
      later this week. Have people experienced differences between the
      plates when printing text or line art? Specifically, have people
      noticed less ink squeeze on matte plates, or is the difference

      Harold Kyle
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