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1424Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Pagelayout Software

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  • Katie Harper
    Apr 23 3:02 PM
      I just came from an all-day Adobe seminar. Many of the questions that have
      been bouncing around on this list were addressed, and I will try to dig
      through my notes to pass along the tips I learned. If you have a chance to
      see this dog and pony show from Adobe (it's free) I highly recommend it.
      It's useful not only to see what the newer technology can do, but to realize
      why they are building things the way they are, and how to utilize their
      software to increase productivity and efficiency for more fun and fewer
      headaches. Most of the day was devoted to In Design, which blows Quark and
      Pagemaker right out of the water in too many ways to mention.

      They also talked a lot about Acrobat 6 which is due out in May (still in
      beta they said) and yes, it will solve many of the problems that have
      plagued earlier versions and has way cool new features besides.

      Katie Harper

      on 4/23/03 9:32 AM, Gerald Lange at bieler@... wrote:

      > Zida
      > Just a note on this. Acrobat 6 on the Mac, which is now available, is
      > not compatible with any OS before OSX. Looks like Adobe is snuggled up
      > in bed with Apple again.
      > Gerald
      >> Acrobat 6 is about to be released. Perhaps it will allow more
      > flexibility.
      >> It will be great when it actually works the way it claims.
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