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13818Re: [PPLetterpress] Film adhesive problem

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  • bielerpr
    May 31, 2014
      Yes, Green Die Sealer does have a couple versions of MEK (Mythel Ethyl Ketone) in it, but with a hardener. MEK the solvent is actually recommended to clean and remove dried Green Die Sealer.

      Green Die Sealer is used for dies primarily. especially for traditional dies, that was its original purpose. and that is the only purpose indicated on its label. Anderson&Vreeland began using it on the platens and plate carriers of their platemaking machines way back when because it is extraordinarily water proof as well as being a great sealer,

      I don't print with plastic-backed plates so I've not had a need to use it as a sealer in that regard but I do recommend it to my clients who do have problems (not necessarily because they use too much solvent). I keep it on hand primarily to repair edging of platens/carriers but also primarily because under certain environmental conditions green sticky-back (on carriers or platens) will suddenly start shrinking from its borders and Green Die Sealer can halt the problem.

      Yes, not sure about the smell so much but it is an extremely flammable chemical and actually has to be marked and shipped as such.

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