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13815Film adhesive problem

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  • bielerpr
    May 29, 2014
      Much of the film adhesive used to secure plastic-backed photopolymer plates on a flatbase is sold by Biesse (Italy). Most contemporary plate makers such as Boxcar, Elum, even Bieler :—) use it.

      Note however, that solvents can disturb the film adhesive. One of my clients recently complained that her adhesive had discolored and swollen in areas. What she did not mention is that she had allowed spilled solvent to attack the film adhesive. Well, why would she?

      There is a product that will help prevent this, Green Die Sealer. I've used it quite a bit and do carry it in stock. I consider it an essential. Besides sealing the edging of a plate, it is a common water seal for platens of photopolymer platemaking machines.


      Green Die Sealer has been around longer than most folks printing with photopolymer! and actually seems to last much longer!!!!

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