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13743Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Trouble with newly made exposure unit

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  • erik spiekermann
    Feb 4, 2014
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      On 04.02.2014, at 09:27, Jenny Sapora <true.bug.press@...> wrote:

      > this contact can yield as much sharpness as a vacuum frame.
      brilliant! This is exactly how we used to make our contact frames back in the 60s, for silkscreen as well as for offset repros. And the vacuum table for screen printing was made by drilling hundreds of holes (I was at University and had lots of buddies to help out) into a piece of wood and putting my mother's vacuum cleaner underneath it. Worked, but very noisy.

      I must admit to having bought a complete Nyloprint outfit (that's the German polymer brand and the generic name for the process) second-hand for 2000 euros. If I take my own time into consideration and the trouble to get consistent quality from improvised kit, it’s money well spent.

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