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13646Re: [PPLetterpress] Recent Adobe issue and PPL

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  • bielerpr
    Dec 9, 2013

      Well. I really can't beat that though I do have a couple of older Mac towers that are certainly capable of doing whatever works needs to be done. 

      Back in 1992 I published my first book printed from photoploymer plates, using a Mac SE/30, some of the early Adobe Originals, and good old Aldus PageMaker 4.01. Fine Print declared it the first photopholymer plate produced to break through the typographic idiocy of the time and look like a traditional book printed with metal type, which was of course, my intention.

      I really can't say, looking at the book today, as far as the book essentials go, nothing has changed. The machines are more sophisticated, faster, etc. The software easier, less problematic? Only problem between then and now, they got rid of the machines and the software. It worked to do what we still do.

      A fellow on another list was suggested that if the internet was ever to crash, get destroyed, etc., we would lose our ability to print freely as in the metal days. I had to remind him we don't need the internet to print, as long as you are not totally tied into the mobile concept of the internet. And they have certainly done their best to keep those old towers and gray desktops off the internet, haven't they.

      I believe it was Bill Gates who thought the internet would never be of consequence to computing, and Steve Jobs, of all people, who said that images, photos, etc., would never come to much on the internet. Old days, of course.

      Thanks for the iPhone and iOS, Steve.


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