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13638Re: [PPLetterpress] Recent Adobe issue and PPL

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  • Fritz Klinke
    Dec 8, 2013
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      Reading the Wicki descriptions of how the cloud works indicates that it works only as long as someone pays the bill to the hosting site. No money, and poof, there it goes. That to me is the inherent problem of the internet vs. a good old fashioned library with books on the shelf. Someone is always paying a bill to keep their information alive, even if it is copied all over the place. To keep the internet alive requires a continuing and never ending source of money. Even the archiving sites require funding. Have one library burn down with all its contents destroyed is a loss, but there are multiple hard copies of significant information still available. If Adobe went bankrupt and they couldn't pay their bills, what happens? A giant fire sale would ensue, but what gets saved and what doesn't becomes the problem.
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      A client recent informed me she had some issues with registration of plates apparently due to Adobe's new selling strategies. She suspects the cloud is to blame. Lot of problems with Adobe these days, even hacking their new system, and the indenture slave issue. But why the cloud, how is that causing problems? After all it's just underground storage in New Jersey somewhere. Clever moniker though.

      Keep your old software anyway, and why is anyone trusting that the cloud is actually okay?



      Adobe didn't invent 'the cloud' - either the name or the concept. Cloud computing and storage has been around for a long time, and is used in many different fields. Adobe just just adopted the method for their application. Why not trust 'the cloud' any less than you'd trust any other computing or storage?





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