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13633Electrical problems

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  • bielerpr
    Dec 7 9:17 PM
      A couple of months ago I started to note one of my switches was flickering a bit so I started looking around. Grainer, of course, doesn't make anything that will fit the A&V Oribial V111 any more of course, and mine is over 18 years old ( I know a lot of you have this model). So I started checking out the usual sources (eBay). There was a fellow who had a bunch of them. So when it failed I was ready, I thought, Problem is that there are a number of failsafes built into this machine and you actually do have to have someone at A&V walk you through all this. I was down for a day, quite long enough, but got through. Now I am starting to buy stuff I "might" need just in case. And then again, long run, what about film?