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13629deadline approaching for letterpress animation festival entries

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  • barb tetenbaum
    Nov 28, 2013

      Dear friends and colleagues,

      The deadline is fast approaching for entering your printed animation objects or films to be included in the upcoming festival

      "Animated Type"

      Flip Books, Zoetropes, Thaumatropes, Praxinascopes, Phenakistoscopes & Animated Films. Any kind of animation made with letterpress printing will be considered for inclusion.

      Deadline: December 1, 2013

      Entry forms and details: http://www.zornadodesign.com

      For further questions, contact the organizers:

      Marilyn Zornado at mz@... or Barb Tetenbaum at btetenbaum@...

      Accepted entries will be shown at the College Book Arts Association’s Biennial Conference in January 2014

      Go to  http://www.zornadodesign.com/#!animated-types-festival-/cqes   to download entry form and for more information.
      To upload film via email, contact Marilyn at mz@...