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RE: Kelsey 3x5 Mercury Letterpress - Model N - kit for sale

  • bimpatiens
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      Much thanks, George! 

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      Actually, that's not true. I restore and sell Kelsey presses. I've gotten as much as $550. for a 3x5 without accessories. I've purchased full size presses for a lot less than that. Personally, I would sell it as a package but make sure you get enough for shipping. Just the press will be about 35 to 45 bucks for shipping. Kelsey presses are fairly fragile so you want to use copious amounts of bubble wrap and other padding. 

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      On Oct 31, 2013, at 10:59 AM, George Chapman <gachap@...> wrote:

      From a practical point of view, a 3x5 Kelsey is worth about zero. I sold a good one about fifteen years ago for $100.00 with no accessories. 

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