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13557RE: [PPLetterpress] PP and the EPA

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  • Kevin Martin
    Sep 5, 2013
      It all depends on what their meter was testing for. From what you say they seem to be more interested in emissions from the building itself rather than from its contents, so they might be looking for radon (from the ground) or formaldehyde (from urea-formaldehyde insulation). I find it at least a bit plausible that the PP washout bath might give off a bit of formaldehyde.

      -Kevin Martin
      the Papertrail Handmade Paper & Book Arts
      New Dundee, Ontario

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      Just a note to photopolymer plate processors and especially to DIYers. You might need and air mask. The EPA does not find the PP process to be all that friendly to air quality. They have torn my shop apart this week; removing all chemicals, solvents, etc, to an offsite warehouse, pulled cabinets and shelving from the walls, etc., in preparation for an air quality test they will be conducting on every unit in the entire complex. They have forbidden me to process plates on the day of testing as it might interfere with their testing device.

      Okay, I saw the meter kick up when they passed it over the bath. Nothing else in the shop did that, nothing; and, before they removed it all, I had some nasty stuff in there. And their meter had no problem with that stuff.

      Not a happy camper.



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