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13555The Titans of Letterpress

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  • Bill
    Sep 5, 2013
      Gerald and Peter

      What have the Titans of Letterpress done to anger the Gods?

      Years ago I had OSHA show up at the studio causing extreme pain.  I survived.  They were cranky about wiring.

      Peter, my studio is moving this month.  I have plenty of room if you want to move to western Massachusetts.   I am moving from a 500 sq. ft. studio in a basement to 2200 sq. ft fifth floor space with windows and amazing freight elevators.

      Hopefully by October I will have the Intertype up and running and casting Hebrew type.  

      So the big question is why did the EPA show up?


      Big Wheel Press
      The Hebrew Press

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      On Sep 5, 2013, at 10:09 AM, Peter Fraterdeus <peterf@...> wrote:


      There's certainly a rather strong stink to the stuff.
      I don't notice it much any more, but visitors will commonly wrinkle the nose.

      Sorry for the headaches, Gerald.
      Got a few of my own here, looking for new digs for the studio.
      Had a line on a nice ground level former plumber's garage (three bay), but the remodeling costs look prohibitive.

      Facing an Oct 1 deadline. May have to farm out some job work just to keep our brand going, since it's looking unlikely that we will not be facing a pretty substantial delay of business. Arrgh.

      Thanks all


      On 5 Sep 2013, at 12:11 AM, bielerpr wrote:

      > Just a note to photopolymer plate processors and especially to DIYers. You might need and air mask. The EPA does not find the PP process to be all that friendly to air quality. They have torn my shop apart this week; removing all chemicals, solvents, etc, to an offsite warehouse, pulled cabinets and shelving from the walls, etc., in preparation for an air quality test they will be conducting on every unit in the entire complex. They have forbidden me to process plates on the day of testing as it might interfere with their testing device.
      > Okay, I saw the meter kick up when they passed it over the bath. Nothing else in the shop did that, nothing; and, before they removed it all, I had some nasty stuff in there. And their meter had no problem with that stuff.
      > Not a happy camper.
      > Gerald

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